How you can control your central heating from your iPhone!

Central heating systems are getting smarter, with app integration making it possible for people to control everything from their smartphones by making use of internet connectivity to enable a wide range of settings to be adjusted remotely. This means that people can manage central heating pumps, temperatures and activation times even if they are out of the house.


There are a number of apps and systems to consider, and it is important to remember that not all apps are compatible with all central heating pumps, or indeed with all mobile platforms. If you have an Android or iOS device, then you should be covered, but the availability of this type of software for Windows Phone or BlackBerry’s OS is less guaranteed.

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So what apps and services are available at the moment, and what features and benefits do they bring to the table?


Samsung SmartThings

If you want a holistic approach to remote management of various facets of your smart home, then Samsung’s solution is one of the best around. You will need to install a Hub at home and make sure that it is compatible with your central heating as well as any other devices you own. And once the set-up is complete, you can even install other monitoring systems such as a wireless camera to provide security features as well as temperature control.


With the SmartThings app on your mobile, you will not only be able to turn the heating on and off but also take charge of everything from the lighting to the stereo. And while the equipment will cost a little upfront, there is no subscription to worry about, with the savings made possible helping this system to pay for itself over time as your energy bills are reduced.


Grundfos Go

This app works with the compatible central heating pump system from Grundfos and lets you access a significant amount of information about how your heating is operating, thus enabling you to alter a wider range of settings than are usually available via this type of software.


You can keep track not only of temperature but also of the water pressure, taking advantage of troubleshooting capabilities to pinpoint problems as they arise and even source replacement parts quickly. Operating over Bluetooth as well as infrared connectivity, this system and the compatible module will work with both Android and iOS and is of course free to download.


There are many reasons to think about making your central heating smarter, especially as the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the boom in tablet and smartphone ownership have coincided, and most people now have the means to manage their entire premises from the sofa or from the other side of the planet.
Some smart heating systems can even use the location provided by your smartphone to work out when is the best time to activate and warm your house so that just as you arrive home from work or the shops it is welcoming inside without energy having been wasted in the interim. And this is just one of the factors that could convince you that now is the time to upgrade.

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