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  • Stuart Turner Pump Guide

    In order to assist with the selection & installation of their products the British pump manufacturer Stuart Turner provides the following useful guide………..,0,577

    Established in 1906, Stuart Turner’s engineering excellence has earned it a market leading reputation both in the UK and international markets.

    When you choose a Stuart Turner pump you can be confident you are investing in a name you can trust to deliver quality, reliability, design innovation and industry-leading service.

    Stuart Turner offers an extensive range of pump solutions for low water pressure problems, waste water removal and water boosting across a broad spectrum of applications

  • Heating Pumps – Repair or Replacement

    With the change in legislation to outlaw the old standard heating pumps many customers are faced with a confusing array of options to replace their pumps once they breakdown.

    On average new pumps are over 30% more expensive compared to the previous ranges. Those products affected are:-

    Brand Old Range New Range
    Grundfos UPC, UPS, UPSD Magna1, Magna3
    Wilo DOS, DOP, Top-S, Top-SD Yonos Maxo, Stratos
    Myson SE 125, SE 150, SE 200 Use Wilo’s
    Smedegaard EV MAGNETA
    Lowara FLC, TLR Due January 2014


    However, what many manufacturers are not stressing is the option to repair rather than replace. In most cases, where the pump has flanged connections onto 40mm pipe (or larger) it is possible to buy repair assemblies.

    A repair assembly consists of the terminal box, motor and impeller (collectively called the HEAD). The faulty unit needs to be isolated from power and from the pipe system. The old head can then be removed, normally by simply loosening four bolts. And the new head substituted re-using the existing bolts.

    All new circulators use a single phase 240v supply. If you have a 3 phase power supply to your pump it is always worth investigating the options to repair before swapping to the new unit.

    Manufacturers go to great lengths to try to persuade consumers that the new pumps are so energy efficient that it is cost effective to change up to the new technology. On smaller, old systems the savings will be limited by the inefficiencies in the controls and pipe work design. It is unlikely that payback would be achieved within the normal expected life of the pump.

    If you can, repairing is the cost effective solution.

  • New European Union Legislation

    In English this means that the traditional motors used on small pumps throughout Europe have been banned in favour of new technology. There is a lot of confusion being played on by manufacturers over what is now allowed and what is actually covered.

    Eu eff chart

    The facts are while some pumps need more efficient motors the majority of domestic and office sized heating pumps can’t be manufactured for sale within the EU. Distributors who have remaining stock of pumps made before the start of the year are allowed to sell them.

    The main ranges that are affected are:-

    • Grundfos UPS – UPSD range
    • Wilo Top-S/Top-SD, Smart and SE ranges
    • Myson/ Circulating Pumps Limited – CP53 and CP63
    • Smedegaard EV range
    • Lowara TLC range
    • DAB VA range

    The claim by legislators and manufacturers is that the new pumps will see energy savings of up to 80% when an average old D labelled circulators.

    However, these savings are calculated on the type of system used in Germany and France and are not directly comparable to the UK where we have older houses, warmer winters, different boiler types and run our central heating in a different pattern.

  • Calpeda Pumps announces new office moves

    Calpeda Pumps from Montorso, Italy have announced that Calpeda UK have just completed the acquisition of adjacent buildings to their Bicester site. The new facilities will effectively double the size of their UK HQ.

    Disruption to deliveries and contact are hoped to be kept to a minimum.

    Work will commence during the summer on the first if three redevelopment phases, part of a £1.5M project. The first phase will include the construction of a dedicated workshop, service and pump packaging area. Phase two will provide a new state of the art office facility and the final phase three will include the complete redevelopment of the central stores, expected to double the existing storage facilities.

    Further improvements will include the redevelopment of offices at the Castleford site, where a new technical centre will be located. The projects form part of Calpeda’s on-going expansion and growth plans, which have already seen the installation of a SAP business management system, new product developments, new UK booster set ranges, a new customer services department and the expansion of both commercial and technical staffing.

  • Grundfos Replacements for Standard Circulators

    With the changes to the EU regulations on small pumps every manufacturer has to replace their standard three speed pumps with new highly efficient alternatives. Grundfos as market leader has been selling the Magna range for several years and heavily trailed the launch of a new version for mid-2012.

    The Grundfos Magna3 was shown, with lots of show biz style razzamatazz in Berlin last June. It is even more efficient than the regulations demand with many new features which the designers hope to persuade the market are just what they need.

    Grundfos then wrong footed all their competition with the launch of Magna1 in December 2012. Essentially, these are Magna3’s with all the clever stuff removed and an aggressive price point. The Magna1 is expected to be the standard replacement for the many installed UPS/UPSD pumps in existence.

    grundfos magna grundfos magna

    The key features for both ranges is that they meet the regulations, are available with single phase motors only and have variable speed control. The difference is that Magna1 is limited in control to only three power curves, proportional duty curves or 3 fixed pressure settings. Magna1 has no option to link to BMS systems, fault signal or alarm signal, just like old UPS’s. The display is simple traffic light style compared to the Magna3 LED screen.

    What Grundfos are not stressing is that it is still possible to buy replacement heads and terminal boxes for larger sized UPS’s. This is important for those clients with 3ph pumps. It will allow a wide number of pumps to be repaired as opposed to replaced. It will always be worth checking.

    For the moment there is the added confusion of parts of the new ranges yet to become available. Grundfos are continuing with the previous Magna models for sizes below 40mm connection size until 2014.

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