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Manufacturer spotlight: Salamander Pumps

Salamander Pumps: 5 Things you need to know about the leading manufacturer

Pump Sales Direct have 40 years of experience supplying pumps to homes and businesses. Over this time, our rigorous process for selecting manufacturers has been refined and perfected, ensuring that we offer only the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. This month, we are focusing on our manufacturer Salamander. They are a prime example of a company that put innovation and quality at the forefront, using research and development to provide a solid and reliable product portfolio. At Pump Sales Direct, we supply a chosen selection of their shower pumps.


Based in Sunderland, Salamander are a leading supplier of shower and domestic water pumps in the UK. Over the past five years, their product line has been subject to a complete overhaul. Employing feedback from customers and implementing the most advanced technology into their designs, the company have invented some of the most efficient pumps on the market. Each product is constructed in the UK, using components mainly sourced from the EU. Every one of the finalised pumps must then adhere to the strict quality controls imposed by Salamander, before they leave the factory for sale.

Salamander Pumps Products

The purpose of the pumps provided by Salamander is to increase water pressure  to your shower and bathroom. They facilitate water flow at a controlled level, while ensuring that the entire heating system is not excessively strained. The pumps can be divided into two categories; negative and positive heads – the type of head required dependent upon the type of heating system you have installed in your home and the positioning of your water tank if applicable. An informative guide on their website can assist in choosing the most suitable pump for your bathroom.

CT Force

At Pump Sales Direct, you will find a number of products from the CT Force range. These models are available with both positive and negative heads and are suited to gravity fed systems. Pumps from this collection are distinctive with their brass ends and impeller. Using this material ensures a robust and long-lasting investment, it is also extremely quiet and including anti-vibration couplers. Available in single and twin models, these pumps can be used for a variety of applications.

CT Xtra

You will also find on our website a range of CT Xtra pumps. This collection is suited mainly for boosting water pressure through conventional showers. They are Salamander’s best sellers, with their compact design lending themselves to installation in smaller and less accessible areas. Like the CT Force range, these pumps are extremely quiet and come with anti-vibration couplers included.

CT Bathroom

We also stock a range of products from the CT Bathroom collection. These pumps are designed to boost water supplies to showers, bath basins and toilets. These efficient pumps come equipped with crossover technology allow just hot or just cold water, or both to be boosted.

Right Pump

The Right Pump range offers the most powerful water boosting solutions at up to 3.0 bar pressure. These pumps are the quietest on the market, with universal models featuring technology protecting the pumps from common issues.

The above are just some of the brands of Salamander pumps available at Pump Sales Direct. We also offer a range of other items, including accessories such as mains water pressure booster pumps and AV couplers. Take a look at all of the Salamander products available on our website.

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