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Stuart Turner pumps: An Introduction

In 1906, Sidney Marmaduke Stuart Turner, an engineer in Henley-on-Thames, stuart turner logostarted Stuart Turner Ltd. In the century since, the company has blossomed into the UK’s leading manufacturer of domestic water pressure boosting pumps. Its journey to that point has been both complicated and fascinating. It has acclimatized to wartime periods with aplomb, it has adapted to technological advances too - even making a few of their own along the way. To introduce you to Stuart Turner’s history and demonstrate why we are so pleased to have a range of their products available for sale on our website, we have put together this overview.

Stuart Turner has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a trader of model engines and castings in Henley on Thames. It began supplying engines and continued for the vast majority of its existence. The company’s engines have powered motorcycles, boats and antisubmarine detectors - even transmitters used during Everest expeditions. In 1935, it developed and patented a frictionless mechanical shaft seal designed for use in domestic pumps. As an indispensable component of later Stuart Turner pumps, this patent came to define the company’s most successful range of products. Close coupled to an electric motor, this mechanical shaft seal assured the development of small pumps. It wasn’t until the 1970s though, that Stuart Turner matured into the full blown pump manufacturer we are familiar with today. The production of marine engines was discontinued, and the company’s focus shifted to small pumps, where it remains to this day.

Stuart Turner has certainly evolved and changed over the years. Throughout its 103 year history, its various iterations have been unified by one common goal: a desire to be the best. This hunger for excellence in everything that they do is something we share at Pump Sales Direct and we are delighted to stock their products.

Today, Stuart Turner has made its position as the UK’s leading manufacturer of pumps for domestic water pressure boosting clear. Just five years ago, it introduced an umbrella of specialist product brands to the world - Monsoon, Showermate, Techflo, Flomate, Wasteflo and Stuart - three of which we stock. Monsoon and Showermate are both especially exemplary illustrations of the expertise and time put into Stuart Turner products.

Monsoon, Stuart Turner’s flagship range of high performance, premium quality brass domestic water pressure boosting pumps, are definitely worth considering for those suffering from low water flow. Simultaneously shower pumps and whole house domestic boosting pumps, Stuart Turner monsoon pumps are as versatile as they are high quality.

Stuart Turner Showermate meanwhile, is a more energy efficient, eco-friendly alternative. Owing to their plastic composition, they are, on the whole, more affordable than Stuart Turner’s Monsoon range, but that doesn’t come at the expense of quality. Showermate booster pumps are more than capable of improving the performance of multiple outlets in a single bathroom. Compact and cost-effective, they are a great choice for those looking to swiftly and inexpensive rectify water pressure issues in their home.

You can shop a range of Stuart Turner shower pumps on our website. If you have any questions at all, regarding size specifications, installation, delivery or otherwise, please do not hesitate to look to our team for assistance. You can get in touch by phone, email or through this contact form.

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