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  • How to Replicate the Spa Experience at Home

    Before you even get started, it is vitally important to cultivate the kind of atmosphere that will allow you to really relax. Central to establishing a positive mood is appealing to two of your so-called secondary senses - your sense of smell and your hearing.

    Picking the right music

    Don’t be hasty to dismiss the choice of music as inconsequential ‘background noise;' numerous studies have verified the correlation between music and relaxation. One particular study conducted by Mindlab International demonstrated how a particular set of sounds in music can culminate in one very calming experience. A sustaining rhythm that slows over time is mirrored by the heart rate, which in turn, reduces blood pressure and the release of cortisol (the body’s stress hormone).

    Selecting a scent

    spa scent

    Similarly, used correctly, smell has also been scientifically shown to evoke a positive response. Smells trigger a response from the limbic system - the area of the brain responsible for processing emotions and memories. When a soothing lavender fragrance (for example) is present, the brain responds in kind, making it imperative to invest in a suitable scent for your home spa.

    Drinks please

    A glass of champagne is standard fare for spas the world over and your home spa is no exception - if you are so inclined anyway. Herbal teas are equally effective. Whatever you decide, the result should be the same - a feeling of calm before the spa experience gets into full flow. Whilst the spa process is underway, you may benefit from staying hydrated with some so-called spa water. If you were wondering, it is essentially just water with a few slices of cucumber, strawberry or lemon thrown in.

    Treat your skin with a face mask

    Face mask

    A face mask is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a typical spa experience. In order to live up to that stereotype, here’s how you can construct your own face mask with things you have lying around the house. Ingredients actually vary wildly, but the online consensus appears to favour the inclusion of honey. As well as smelling superb, honey is a natural acne remedy thanks to its antibiotic properties.

    Healthy and simple food

    No spa experience would be complete without some kind of physical nourishment. The most popular spas across the globe owe their stellar reputation, in part at least, to their food. And you should aim to consume something equally delightful in the comfort of your own home. Of course, it is best to prepare this beforehand to prevent any frantic food preparation from ruining an otherwise serene day. It is worth noting that, as a spa day is an exercise in health, wellness and relaxation, this food should also be healthy.

    Taking a bath

    Stuart Turner Monsoon U5.0B

    Without the need for any fancy facial scrubs or the tiny Middle Eastern fish that are popular for pedicures, a simple steaming bath can have a profound effect - especially when used in collaboration with other inexpensive products. Warm water relaxes the muscles and helps to alleviate any pre-existing pains or aches. It is also great for the skin - researchers at Stanford University found that a hot bath can kill bacteria on the skin and minimise the body’s inflammatory response. To ensure your bath (and all other water-using outlets in your home) have adequate water pressure; it is well worth considering the installation of a booster pump from the Stuart Turner Monsoon range.


  • The History of Hygiene

    Today, we almost take our instant access to steaming jets of hot water at the flick of a switch for granted. Many of us forget the technological advances that have occurred over the past millennia that have morphed and evolved into the likes of the Stuart Turner showermate that we have today. Some of our ancestors braved waterfalls whilst others went months or even years without washing at all. Of course, bathing practices varied wildly across the planet as social and cultural factors dictated. To enlighten you on how human washing habits have changed over the years, we have put together this quick history of hygiene.

    Ancient Egypt

    The Ancient Egyptians were known to have used a substance called natron for bathing. A kind of naturally occurring soda ash that, when combined with oil, made a primitive version of soap. Besides using natron regularly, esteemed members of Ancient Egyptian society had their servants pour jugs of cold water over them in order to maintain a sense of cleanliness.

    Ancient Rome 

    Stuart Turner showermate Ancient Roman bathhouse in Bath

    The Ancient Romans are famous for the aqueducts they instituted across their lands to supply the bathhouses that were a feature of every city. It was commonplace for Romans to attend the bathhouses not only to wash, but also to socialise. Thermae, large imperial bath complexes, and balneae, their smaller-scale equivalents, generally contained a caldarium (hot bath) a tepidarium (warm heated room) and a frigidarium (cold bath) as well as a gymnasium, a library and areas to eat and drink. Although soap was still strictly a luxury good for the Romans, it was common for men to apply oils to their bodies before bathing.

    The Middle Ages

    During the late Middle Ages, hygiene declined as a priority for society for a number of reasons. Public bathhouses became rife with prostitution, and consequently became seen as a place of sin and a place to be avoided. The rise of linen clothing, which was easier to wash than their woolen predecessors, made it easier for people to wash only their face, hands and neck to retain an illusion of cleanliness. Laundry rather than bathing became a weekly routine as perceived cleanliness was supposed to reflect not only the soul of an individual, but also their social status.

    18th and 19th century

    1767 saw the first patent for a shower by William Feetham from Ludgate Hill in London. Although the earliest showers required a hand pump for use, they were more popular than baths because the servants had less water to carry away. In the mid-nineteenth century the increased prevalence of indoor plumbing and the mass production of soap made washing far easier and far more regular.

    20th century

    Tank-less water heaters developed during the 20th century and they became popular for their ability to provide an instant supply of hot water. By the time the 1990s rolled around, 62% of all households in the UK had a shower and there was the choice between an electric shower, a mixer shower and a power shower.


    Today, 86% of all households in the UK have a shower, and we are fortunate enough to have access to whatever pressure and temperature we desire.

  • How to save money and energy with zoned heating systems

    Stuart Turner pumpsWe all know how difficult it can be properly heating your home during those colder months without incurring jaw-dropping heating bills. Should you decide to look to a zoned heating system, you could have more control over where you need heat to be directed within your home. This will save you energy within your house, thus reducing your carbon footprint and lessening the money you will have to pay for your utility bills.

    What is a zoned heating system?

    The typical home’s heating system will regulate the temperature of an entire house as whole, meaning heat can be wasted in rooms that are not being occupied. A zoned heating system, however, will allow you to control the temperature of specific zones or rooms within your home. The settings for these systems can be customised in whatever way you see fit, including: personal heat preferences, environmental conditions and room usage. Therefore, these systems help the heating far more efficiently by providing heat only when and where it is needed.

    The benefits

    Some benefits of a zoned heating system are that individually zoning rooms means that more popular spaces in your home and areas that are more vulnerable to the cold (rooms with draughts for instance) can be heated more to combat this susceptibility. Programmable thermostats can also be useful for cutting the heating of your home when nobody is likely to be in, but heating it just in time for when they return so you do not lose comfort.

    The principles of a zoned heating system will treat the ground floor of your home as one zone and the upstairs as another. This will cause heat to be directed to the base of your home during the daylight hours and will heat the upstairs at night, due to this being the times when these spaces will be most in use. This does not, however, mean you will have to heat every room in each zone. You can programme the system to ignore rooms within zones that simply aren’t used as much – like guest bedrooms for example.

    Installing a zoned heating system: Stuart Turner pumps

    A zoned heating system requires zone valves, these are responsible for controlling the flow of water in your hydronic heating system. The technology within these valves allow the flow of water within them to be controlled by the thermostat within your home. To make use of this heating system you will need to have an up-to-date pump system. At Pump Sales Direct, we would recommend fitting Stuart Turner pumps for an energy efficient water supply.

    Setting up zoned heating systems in your home will probably take a professional touch as it is not your typical DIY project. It is quite a complex process that involves a number of jobs, such as: wiring in the thermostat, hooking them to the pumping systems and cutting into hydronic lines/ductwork to install the zone valves needed. All of these processes are not recommended for a layman and therefore we would advise seeking professional consultation before starting this project.

    If you’re interested in a zoned heating system project, get in touch using our contact form and find out how we can help you.

  • Top three shower pump ranges

    Shower pumps are a useful addition to domestic and some commercial settings where low water pressure is a problem. Choosing the correct shower pump is vital to ensure you get the right product for your needs and can use it to its maximum effect. If you are not sure which pump to choose, here are some of the best shower pumps from Pump Sales Direct to help you to narrow down your search.

    1. Grundfos Pumps

      Grundfos Pumps

      When you choose Grundfos pumps from Pump Sales Direct, not only have you got the biggest selection of stock in the UK at your disposal but also you can be confident that you are dealing with a brand that is both reliable and trustworthy. With a world-renowned reputation, Grundfos produces a wide range of shower pumps available in various voltages and with one or two impellers. Whether you are looking for a low voltage shower pump for a small home or you need the extra power of a high voltage pump to keep several bathrooms, a school or leisure centre showers in good working order, Grundfos produces high-performing pumps to boost water flow, whatever your requirements.

    1. Stuart Turner Pumps

      Stuart Turner Pumps

      Stuart Turner has been producing pumps for well over 100 years; therefore, if you are looking for a brand that has experience, expertise and quality under its belt, Stuart Turner shower pumps from Pump Sales Direct should be your top choice. With a wide selection of shower pumps to choose from, you should have little trouble finding what you require. The Monsoon range is a very popular and versatile choice and you will find both single and twin pumps for use in positive and negative head settings and for pumping both hot and cold water. The Showermate range is also proving to be a big hit, with the eco option being the perfect choice for positive head applications in domestic settings.

    1. Salamander Pumps
      Salamander Pumps

      A Salamander shower pump from Pump Sales Direct is the ideal choice for any household that suffers from low water pressure. The huge range of options from this UK-based brand means that you no longer have to suffer from sluggish water flow in your shower. The shower pumps from Salamander are designed to boost water pressure and are suitable for both positive and negative head setups and different bar levels. Whatever your requirements, Salamander should fit the bill perfectly.

    Shop the full range of shower pumps from Pump Sales Direct now.

  • Stuart Turner Pumps: All you need to know about the manufacturer

    Established in 1906, Stuart Turner Pumps has a long history of providing commercial and domestic pumps that are reliable and built to last. As a specialist in the pump industry, the company has a well-deserved reputation as a market leader.

    The company began making steam engines and small petrol and gas engines to drive domestic electricity generators. It continued to make various small engines for marine and military use - it built the generator plant for Shackleton’s Antarctic exploration ship ‘Endurance’ - but in the 1930s it developed and patented a frictionless seal for domestic pumps. Pumps became an increasingly important part of its business, and by the 1960s small electric pumps would become the main product of the company.

    Stuart Turner Pumps

    Through the 1970s and 1980s the company refined its range to produce pumps with improved efficiency and performance. With the beginning of the 21st century, the company moved to a new purpose-built factory, using the latest computer-controlled machine tools to produce its products. In 2010 it expanded its range with multi-stage pumps as well as entry-level domestic shower pumps. That year also saw the launch of the Flowmate brand, targeting the domestic pressure booster market.

    The company is now one of the leaders in products for solving the problem of low water pressure. The range includes the traditional PH booster pump, the Monsoon range, which offers both single and twin pumps for showers, and the Showermate, which is an eco-friendly solution designed for domestic applications. It also offers booster pumps for the latest combi boilers. You can see more details of the range on offer with data sheets for each pump on our site.

    It’s a measure of the company’s confidence in its products that the Stuart Turner Monsoon pump carries a five-year warranty. The Monsoon range is suitable for a variety of shower pump applications. The warranty also extends to the Monsoon Extra range of booster pumps, which are suitable for heavy domestic or even light industrial use.

    All Stuart Turner Pumps products are built to the toughest standards. Every pump produced is inspected to the Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001:2008 specification and is tested before it leaves the factory, so buyers can be sure they’re getting a quality product, and they also have the extra confidence of a long guarantee to provide peace of mind.

    Shop the full range of Stuart Turner Pumps online today at Pump Sales Direct

  • The top 5 home booster pumps on the market

    If your shower is more of a dribble or it takes ages to fill the bath, it’s likely you have a problem with low water pressure. At Pump Sales Direct, we offer a range of home booster pumps. Here we have carefully selected the top five on the market to help you solve your low pressure issues.


    1. Stuart Turner Flomate Home Booster Pump

    The Stuart Turner Flomate home booster pump can be connected directly to the mains without the need for a cold water tank. It offers 3 bar pressure, is suitable for use with combi boilers and is fully compliant with UK water regulations.

    Top 5 Home Booster Pumps on the market

    2. Salamander Home Boost 1.5 Bar Mains Water Pressure Booster Pump

    For smaller properties or to boost demand at peak times, the 1.5 bar Salamander Home Boost is a compact unit and is available from Pump Sales Direct at a competitive price and with fast delivery.

    Top 5 Home Booster Pumps on the market

    3. Dab e.sybox Electronic Water Pressure System

    The Dab e.sybox is more than just a home booster pump: it’s an electronic water pressure system. It has a water-cooled pump and anti-vibration feet for quiet operation and electronics that match the pump speed to demand in order to save energy. Note that this system needs a break tank and can’t be connected directly to the water supply.

    Top 5 Home Booster Pumps on the market

    4 & 5. Grundfos Home Booster packaged pumping system (3 bar / 4.5 bar)

    Grundfos offer both 3 bar and 4.5 bar versions of their home booster pump, both of which are available from Pump Sales Direct. These are self-contained systems with an integrated 200-litre storage tank and a stainless-steel pump that delivers efficient, quiet operation and a long life. For properties with high water demand or where the mains pressure is very low, an additional slave tank is available to increase the water storage capacity.

    Top 5 Home Booster Pumps on the market

    Shop the Pump Sales Direct range of home booster pumps now.

  • Which shower pumps are the quietest?

    Noisy shower pumps can be an annoyance, but fortunately there are a number of things you can do to address the problem. Most shower pumps generate some sort of noise as the pump mechanism produces vibrations when it’s in operation, and this can generate an unpleasant noise.

    Shower Pumps

    Often it’s the cheaper models of pump that are responsible for the loudest noises, with cheaper components more likely to vibrate when running. Even so, you can’t expect to eliminate noise entirely with a more expensive model, as much of the noise you can hear is caused by water running through the pump. So, which shower pumps are the quietest you ask?

    Quiet Shower Pumps

    You’ll always get a certain amount of of noise from your shower pump, but some models do produce considerably less than others. This is partly due to the brand that you choose and the quality of the product. As we already pointed out, cheaper pumps are more likely to be noisy, however, there are three manufacturers that stand above the rest when it comes to quiet operation;

    The manufacturers take steps to reduce noise in several ways. They use high-quality components that cause less vibration and thus less noise when in use.

    Grundfos Amazon

    Grundfos is a global manufacturer that has done a lot of work to ensure their products produce low levels of operating noise whilst still maintaining strong performance. The Grundfos Amazon range is one the quietest of the company’s products. Grundfos pumps generally are known for their reliability and performance. The Amazon range uses a combination of low-noise motors and anti-vibration feet to deliver minimal noise output.

    Stuart Turner

    Another well-known manufacturer, Stuart Turner has also tackled the noise problem. It’s designed a range of shower pumps which have anti-vibration feet to help keep noise levels down. The Stuart Turner Monsoon Range stands out thanks to impressive performance and low noise. The company uses low-voltage pumps with brass bodies and anti-vibration feet to guarantee minimal noise output.


    The Salamander CT Force Range are among the quietest pumps available today. The company has a reputation for manufacturing quiet pumps, but the Salamander CT Force model in particular it has concentrated on reducing vibration levels and noise.

    Many shower pumps in the Salamander range now also say ‘Quiet’ on their specification as the company’s range is relatively quieter in operation than other pumps on the market.

    Other Options

    While reducing the level of noise a shower pump produces without swapping it for a quieter model is difficult, there are some things that you can do. For example, you could install the pump on a concrete block to reduce vibration levels. You can also buy a special mounting pad which will keep the noise level down.

  • Introducing the new Pump Sales Direct website

    Now, it has never been easier to order from a range that features the planet’s top manufacturers of pumps and equipment here at Pump Sales Direct, thanks to the new site that has been specially designed to offer the most seamless experience possible for our customers.

    Pump Sales Direct

    Just as the likes of Salamander, Stuart Turner and Grundfos aim to keep their places as some of the biggest and best pump equipment manufacturers on the planet, we have our sights firmly set on being number one for customers looking to purchase the highest-quality pump products in the easiest and most cost-effective way possible.

    We currently boast one of the biggest in-stock pump ranges in Britain and are the go-to company when it comes to those seeking professional advice and unrivaled service.

    Matt Shepherd, Business Development Manager said “With nearly 50 years’ experience in the pump industry, we wanted to bring our vast expertise and efficient service to the online space in the same way.”

    “Our brand new website does just that. Allowing users an online window to our array of pumps from the world’s leading manufactures. We wanted to provide people with a seamless online experience where they could easily find the exact products they are looking for and order them direct to their door.”

    “Our new site represents our core values of professionalism, expertise and excellent service”.

    The new website makes it as simple as possible to search for products by category or by using a manufacturer’s name. It’s also quick and easy to ask questions about any items that cannot be found or any problems that may arise, safe in the knowledge that every answer will be backed by genuine industry knowledge and experience.

    Pump Sales Direct offers one of the UK’s most extensive ranges of Grundfos pumps, testament to the enviable relationships amongst industry partners that have been built up over the years and the respected expertise that has become synonymous with the company name.

    Our website is also the place to go for a vast array of accessories and spares to ensure pumps maintain the quality and performance that customers have come to expect from the products sold by Pump Sales Direct.

    The expert team of knowledgeable and vastly experienced pump specialists at Pump Sales Direct are also always on hand to help both trade and domestic customers.

    Get in touch and tell us what you think of the new website on
    Facebook and Twitter

  • Stuart Turner Pump Guide

    In order to assist with the selection & installation of their products the British pump manufacturer Stuart Turner provides the following useful guide………..,0,577

    Established in 1906, Stuart Turner’s engineering excellence has earned it a market leading reputation both in the UK and international markets.

    When you choose a Stuart Turner pump you can be confident you are investing in a name you can trust to deliver quality, reliability, design innovation and industry-leading service.

    Stuart Turner offers an extensive range of pump solutions for low water pressure problems, waste water removal and water boosting across a broad spectrum of applications

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