Top three shower pump ranges

Shower pumps are a useful addition to domestic and some commercial settings where low water pressure is a problem. Choosing the correct shower pump is vital to ensure you get the right product for your needs and can use it to its maximum effect. If you are not sure which pump to choose, here are some of the best shower pumps from Pump Sales Direct to help you to narrow down your search.

  1. Grundfos Pumps

    Grundfos Pumps

    When you choose Grundfos pumps from Pump Sales Direct, not only have you got the biggest selection of stock in the UK at your disposal but also you can be confident that you are dealing with a brand that is both reliable and trustworthy. With a world-renowned reputation, Grundfos produces a wide range of shower pumps available in various voltages and with one or two impellers. Whether you are looking for a low voltage shower pump for a small home or you need the extra power of a high voltage pump to keep several bathrooms, a school or leisure centre showers in good working order, Grundfos produces high-performing pumps to boost water flow, whatever your requirements.

  1. Stuart Turner Pumps

    Stuart Turner Pumps

    Stuart Turner has been producing pumps for well over 100 years; therefore, if you are looking for a brand that has experience, expertise and quality under its belt, Stuart Turner shower pumps from Pump Sales Direct should be your top choice. With a wide selection of shower pumps to choose from, you should have little trouble finding what you require. The Monsoon range is a very popular and versatile choice and you will find both single and twin pumps for use in positive and negative head settings and for pumping both hot and cold water. The Showermate range is also proving to be a big hit, with the eco option being the perfect choice for positive head applications in domestic settings.

  1. Salamander Pumps
    Salamander Pumps

    A Salamander shower pump from Pump Sales Direct is the ideal choice for any household that suffers from low water pressure. The huge range of options from this UK-based brand means that you no longer have to suffer from sluggish water flow in your shower. The shower pumps from Salamander are designed to boost water pressure and are suitable for both positive and negative head setups and different bar levels. Whatever your requirements, Salamander should fit the bill perfectly.

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