Water Conservation Tips For Businesses

With World Water Day on 22nd March, there’s no better time to consider the ways that your business can save water, and help tackle the water crisis in doing so. From educating your employees on water-use, to investing in fixtures such as a Grundfos booster pump, here are some helpful tips to help you start conserving water.

Shower Pump Water Pressure

Invest in quality products

When water pressure is low more water is often used in order to reach a steady level, often resulting in higher bills. Water booster pumps ensure that a consistent and reliable level of pressure is reached, meaning less waste and lower bills!

Measure your water use

Conducting a facility audit to can be really beneficial in understanding just how much your business is using. It can also serve as a starting point for tracking water use and identify any savings opportunities. Another way you can measure water usage is by comparing the water use of your business to industry benchmarks, which can provide an estimation of the average water use for specific industries. This way you can evaluate whether your business is using more water than normal, and can help push you to resolve the problem.


Educate your employees about water conservation

Letting your employees know about your conservation aims can really help to cut down on water usage. Create a workplace culture that’s dedicated to being as ‘green’ as possible, and encourage your employees to check that check taps are off and not to leave the water running unnecessarily. You’d be surprised how much these little elements can contribute to your water use, and make a difference in the long run.

Check faucets and pipes for leaks

It goes without saying that a leaky tap can really add to your level of waste, not to mention your bill. Water leaks can often be hard to detect, but if your business has a water meter you can use this to detect any issues.

You must first ensure all water is turned off inside and outside the building, then record the reading on the meter whilst water is not in use. Wait 15 minutes and record it a second time – if the meter shows any movement it could be due to a leak and you should investigate the issue further.

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