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Sump pumps are one of our bestselling products. Essentially an anti-flooding mechanism, sump pumps are as important as any appliance in your home. With such a crucially important role to play, an underperforming sump pump is a genuine concern.  Uncovering the issue that is preventing your sump pump from working at maximum capacity can be extremely tricky. Is your sump pump clogged or is it simply a mismatch for your pumping requirements? To help you decipher these questions and ensure the continued safety of your home, we have delved into some of the most common sump pump problems and how you can fix them.

Overwhelmed sump pump

An overwhelmed sump pump spells disaster for you and your home. If the rate and volume of water it is expected to dispose of exceeds the rate and volume of water it is actually capable of handling, your home will quickly succumb to flooding. Every sump pump has a maximum rate it is capable of working at. To rectify this issue, take care to ensure the rate at which your sump pump works complies with the volume of water it is expected to deal with.

Clogged sump pump

A clogged sump pump can only be caused by two things. The first and most likely cause is simply delegating a sump pump with a task beyond its abilities. Every sump pump is limited by its ability to handle fluids containing a certain size particle. The ABS Robusta 200 for example, is capable of handling fluids containing particles no bigger than 10mm. To prevent clogging, you should make sure that the fluid have tasked your sump pump with handling isn’t rife particles that are too big for it to handle.

Manual vs automatic

The importance of opting for an automatic sump pump cannot be overstated. With a sensor capable of detecting a rise in water levels and autonomously setting an appropriate response in motion, automatic sump pumps are invulnerable to the unpredictability that can render a manual sump pump ineffective. Sump pumps are, after all, installed to remove water that accumulates in sump pits. These sump pits are invariably located in the basement of the home – not exactly a place where you would spend the majority of your time – leaving it isolated and impractical for regular manual operation. With an automatic sump pump, you can rest assured that the build-up of water will be halted – and all without any assistance or intervention required on your part.

If you have had the misfortune of experiencing one of these issues, hopefully you can come away from reading this article with the knowledge to put it right. The role of a sump pump is critical to the everyday functioning of your home. Without it, the consequences are dire – your home and possessions can be irreparably ruined. You will find only the best submersible sump pumps at Pump Sales Direct. We are more than happy to field any questions you may have too, we are committed to ensuring every product matches your pumping requirements perfectly.

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