Water features: how to pick the right garden water pump

garden water pump

Blagdon Force-Hybrid garden water pump

From the elaborate fountains of the Gardens of Versailles to the pools, streams and babbling brooks of the gold medal-winning show gardens of the Chelsea Flower Show, no luxury garden is complete without the presence of water. Bunny Guinness, an award winning landscape and garden designer, aptly summarised water’s singular appeal when she likened it to the ‘son et lumière’ of the garden. Fulfilling both the sound and light requirements of this depiction requires some work: a run-of-the-mill pond will bring light to your garden but not sound. To add both sound and light, you need a fully-fledged, fully-functioning water feature. Different water features have different requirements though, and you need to understand these differences to team your water feature up with the right accompanying garden water pump.

Pond pumps

If you don’t want your pond to slowly evolve into a murky swamp over time, you need to take steps to maintain it. Despite what you may have thought, ponds aren’t especially high maintenance – especially when you can delegate responsibility to a pond pump. With the precise regularity of a metronome, a pond pump will autonomously circulate water around your pond. By keeping the water of your pond in a constant state of flux, harmful bacteria are denied the opportunity to proliferate. The water doesn’t have the time to stagnate and the health of the water is sustained.

Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps are a prerequisite for any pond inhabited by fish. Fully waterproof, they sit submerged in the pond itself, providing a safe environment for all of its wildlife to not only survive, but flourish. Submersible pond pumps operate constantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And when a piece of equipment is saddled with this level of responsibility (keeping a whole pond’s worth of wildlife alive constantly) it needs to be steadfastly durable. We only stock the highest quality submersible pond pumps here, so you can be certain of their longevity.

Waterfall pumps

Waterfall pumps are capable of doing the heavy lifting required to sustain more elaborate water features – those that involve running water. When you have water flowing in tandem with the force of gravity, you need a force powerful enough to fight against it and resupply the top of the stream with water. A waterfall pump is more than capable of doing this, keeping your water feature running smoothly in the process.

Water features are a signifier of luxury. And with any luxurious and ostentatious display, there is a huge amount of work, just below the surface, that goes into propping it up. Every water feature needs an accompanying pump propping it up. Without the pump, the water feature can’t function properly. Hopefully you’ve come away from this post with a better understanding of the requirements for installing a working water feature in your garden.

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