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Manufacturer spotlight: Wilo Pumps

wilo central heating pump

We pride ourselves on stocking products from only the most highly respected and well-renowned pumps manufacturers in the world. Our process for picking manufacturers from which to stock products is extremely rigorous, meaning that by the time potential customers are browsing our website, they have only the best possible products to choose from. This gives us supreme confidence in the quality and reliability of our products and gives us peace of mind that our customers really benefit from our exacting selection process. Wilo is a stellar example of a quality manufacturer. To introduce you to some of their history, their values, as well as their products, we have put together this informative post that covers everything you need to know about the German manufacturer.


Wilo’s history has been characterised by intense growth and development. What started as a local specialist in 1828 - a copper and brassware factory in Dortmund, Germany - has over the course of almost two centuries morphed into a global player in the pumps industry.  Their reputation as an innovator is more than well-established and evidence of their prowess isn’t hard to come by. In 1928, Wilo developed the world’s first heating pump; in 2001, the first high efficiency pump; and in 2009, the first decentralised pump system.


The principles driving a company’s growth and development are just as important as a company’s past, if not more so. When deciding whether or not to make a purchase, it can often be a deciding influence. With an understanding of a company’s guiding principles, you can better understand what motivates their business decisions and the processes that go into the creation of their products. In a field like water management, where efficiency is of the utmost importance, understanding and being aware of the principles that drive a company is especially important.

In keeping with their history, Wilo’s principal focus is on developing innovative product solutions. Their primary goal is to make the lives of their customers easier. And being amongst the first to develop new pumping solutions certainly makes achieving that goal easier. ‘Pioneering for you’ is the driver affording the company such unstoppable forward momentum and helps explain their prodigious growth over their 190 year history.

Products - central heating pumps and submersible pumps

The zeal with which Wilo pursues innovation translates into their range of products too. Whether it’s their Yonos Maxo central heating pumps or their Stratos ones, their products are always right at the forefront of the latest developments in pumping technology. At Pump Sales Direct, we stock a range of Wilo central heating pumps. With such a range of pumps available - in an array of different prices, speeds and sizes - you are sure to find one that is perfectly suited to your needs. If you have any uncertainties at all about selecting a pump, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team for help.


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