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What are drainage pumps used for?

Drainage pumps come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all share a common function: they are able to move water from one area to another. We stock drainage pumps from a variety of the world’s most highly regarded manufacturers - Calpeda, Grundfos and Lowara to name just a few. By discussing the most popular uses for drainage pumps, we hope to help our customers ascertain exactly which drainage pumps are (and are not) suitable for their needs.

In homesdrainage pumps

In a domestic capacity, drainage pumps are typically deployed as a flood defence. Compact and easy to install, this ABS submersible drainage pump is perfect for homes where space is at a premium. It can fit easily into any nook or cranny where water is collecting. Simply set it up in the area that is haemorrhaging water - usually a sump pit, cellar or basement - and watch as it whisks away water automatically and neutralises the threat of flooding for good.

For those with the luxury of having an expansive garden area, complete with a pond, water feature or swimming pool, a submersible drainage pump is especially useful. When necessary, a drainage pump can quietly and efficiently rid your garden of water.

In agriculture

The success of agriculture is contingent on the ready availability of water, but in some cases, water is actually too readily available, which is where drainage pumps come in. But, in agriculture, it isn’t enough to just rid the land of water; given just how precious of a commodity water is, you need a piece of kit that is not only able to drain the water but redirect it into a place where it can be reused. Grundfos drainage pumps are robust, durable and can quickly and competently drain and redirect water for agricultural use.


In industryebara dw range

Industrial use of drainage pumps largely centres on wastewater treatment. Wastewater contains solids, and drainage pumps tasked with handling wastewater have to be equipped to handle that. The Ebara DW range of drainage pumps is especially effective. They are available in a range of specifications; as the number increases, so too does the pump’s ability to move increasingly large particulates. The DW range’s stainless steel composition makes it hardy and capable of adeptly fulfilling its role for years and years to come - making it a more than worthwhile investment.

If you are still struggling to determine which drainage pump is best suited to your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can do so by phone or email, where you’ll be put through to one of our experts. They’ll be more than happy to help field any queries you may have and point you in the direction of a perfectly suited product.

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