Hot water pumps: What to look for

Hot water pumps circulate hot water throughout your home, ensuring that the hot water pumpsnetwork of radiators that warm your home are amply supplied. There are three key characteristics that all high quality hot water pumps share; they are energy efficient, quiet and cost effective. At Pump Sales Direct, all of our hot water pumps possess these qualities in abundance. And today, we are going to explain why these traits make our central heating pumps absolutely worth paying for.

NB: For the purposes of this post, the terms hot water pump, central heating pump, circulating pump, circulation pump and heat pump are all interchangeable.


A home is a place to relax and bask in, should you so choose, quiet tranquillity. The last thing you want is a sub-standard circulating pump buffeting your ears with its rattling as it struggles to spread hot water through your home. Warming your home shouldn’t have an unsolicited accompanying soundtrack. In a poor quality circulation pump, the interior mechanisms that endow it with the ability to control the movement of hot water can generate an irritatingly loud thrum. Fortunately, shopping with Pump Sales Direct, you will only ever encounter hot water pumps from world leading brands (Grundfos, Biral, Wilo, Lowara and Smedegaard), all highly regarded for the supreme quality of their products, meaning you are guaranteed to get your hands on a product that works flawlessly.

An ill-fitting, or improperly fitted, heating pump will also generate unwelcome noise. If you are uncertain about exactly what size pump you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
Call or email and a member of our team will be happy to provide you with some clarity. When it comes to installing your pump, it is worth consulting this installation guide we created a while ago, which sets out in meticulous fashion, how to fit your new purchase. If you aren’t feeling confident enough to do it yourself, don’t be afraid of asking a more competent ‘DIYer’ to help out.

Energy Efficient

Circulating pumps circulate hot water around a home. Put in such rudimentary terms, this role sounds – and is – relatively simple but the ways in which central heating pumps strive to accomplish this task efficiently however, are not so straightforward. Electric controlled wet rotor pumps for example, allow central heating pumps to intelligently adapt to your heating systems demands – as and when they change, making certain that water is heated only when absolutely necessary. By minimising the amount of energy your home expends heating water, your home becomes more eco-friendly and less of a burden to the environment.


Reductions in the amount of energy your home expends, courtesy of a circulation pump, are also accompanied by reductions in your heating bill. The initial outlay for a central heating pump of course varies depending on the model you go for, but, chances are, in the long-term, you are more than likely to not only recoup this cost, but actually save money.

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