New European Union Legislation

In English this means that the traditional motors used on small pumps throughout Europe have been banned in favour of new technology. There is a lot of confusion being played on by manufacturers over what is now allowed and what is actually covered.

Eu eff chart

The facts are while some pumps need more efficient motors the majority of domestic and office sized heating pumps can’t be manufactured for sale within the EU. Distributors who have remaining stock of pumps made before the start of the year are allowed to sell them.

The main ranges that are affected are:-

  • Grundfos UPS – UPSD range
  • Wilo Top-S/Top-SD, Smart and SE ranges
  • Myson/ Circulating Pumps Limited – CP53 and CP63
  • Smedegaard EV range
  • Lowara TLC range
  • DAB VA range

The claim by legislators and manufacturers is that the new pumps will see energy savings of up to 80% when an average old D labelled circulators.

However, these savings are calculated on the type of system used in Germany and France and are not directly comparable to the UK where we have older houses, warmer winters, different boiler types and run our central heating in a different pattern.

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