Smarter Hot Water Solutions

The world’s supplies of drinkable water are limited and wasteful use of water is something we simply can’t afford. As climate change adversely affects water quality and availability – and a constantly growing population increases the strain on water supplies –the dire importance of efficient water usage becomes clear. Societal attitudes need to change in order for the water crisis facing the UK to be averted: wasting water needs to be as frowned upon as throwing plastic bags into the sea.

To help you use water more efficiently in your own homes – and do your bit for the environment – we’ve come up with four easy to adopt water-saving solutions.

Reduce water use with simple behavioral changes

There are a whole host of really simple changes you can make to cut down on the amount of water your household uses. If you have made a habit of taking baths, swap them out for showers. Always use a full load whenever you are using a washing machine or dishwasher. It is also worth being mindful of running the tap when you don’t need to: brushing your teeth is the most obvious example but you might notice other times where you’re absent-mindedly wasting water too.

Combatting wasteful water usage with new equipment

As important as an awareness of the amount of hot water you are using is – and how a shift in your everyday behaviour can radically change this – the right equipment can really help you along in this water-saving quest. To really make a change, outfitting your home with water-saving gadgets and more efficient HVAC equipment should be a prerequisite. With a minimum of effort, fuss and
investment, you can be well on your way to running a home that wastes very little water.

More efficient water usage with central heating pumps

Domestic hot water circulating pumps take the hot water that comes from your boiler and distribute it to your home’s radiators. Unfortunately, unless you’ve recently updated your circulating pump, it is highly likely that your home is currently carrying out this process incredibly inefficiently.

On our central heating pumps page, you can browse energy-efficient domestic hot water circulators in a range of specifications. So, regardless of your current central heating system or the size of your budget, we are sure to have the perfect piece of kit for you. Our domestic hot water pumps are remarkably efficient.

Look out for the exceptional energy efficiency ratings that so many of our
products carry, certifying that they are more than capable of reducing the amount of water your household uses.

Incentivise sensible water use by installing a water meter

The less water you use, the less money you use: it’s as simple as that. If the devastating long-term impact of water wastage wasn’t motivation enough, the financial incentive provided by a water meter certainly should be.
With water shortages in the UK a terrifyingly real prospect – in little more than a couple of decades too – the onus is on homeowners to take action. By instituting a few of these tips in your home, you can help steer the UK towards a more sustainable future.

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